general, Goldberg-Gymnasium Sindelfingen

school garden at Goldberg-Gymnasium

As a result of the Erasmus project “Back to Nature”, the “Green School Club” was formed at Goldberg-Gymnasium, which deals with the school grounds and the school garden.

After the corona break at the school, the club took care of the grounds of the new school garden. First of all, the site was cleaned up, plants cut back and rubbish removed. Newts were even found in a pond on the site, which were directly included in the biology classes of the teachers. Now that everything was clean, a fence was put up to keep dogs and rioters out.

A small garden cabinet was also built for the garden tools. Before the summer holidays, the club’s students built a raised bed to grow strawberries, zucchinis, pumpkins and herbs. The students also have many other ideas for the new school year and are excited about them.

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