Deutsche Schule Barcelona


The Deutsche Schule Barcelona, founded in 1894, is a private german school based outside Germany. It is a self-governing school.
The school is financed via contributions from parents as well as financing from the BRD (German Government).
The school offers a foward looking curriculum in an integrated setting. The institution accepts students from reception class age up to the school learning exam (Abitur) in an multicultural setting. The school site accommodates 1500 students (approx.) in well proportioned and expansive buildings. We have modern science laboratories and sports facilities as well as many more outstanding facilities.

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Silke Pingel                                                                    

upcycling of clothes

The student brought some old or not used clothes to design and work a new one from this material! The studends had a lot of fun and some very nice and creative results! Examples: A t-shirt became a purse Shorts became a girdle A shirt became a skirt

Online Game

All trans-national activities were completed up to the start of the pandemic in February 2020. To address the difficulty of completing the final trans-national event planned for March 2020 we organised a virtual event in April 2021. This event involved all participating schools. For this event we used the board game that we had devised…

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