Project meeting Dronfield

All the participants of the project meeting arrived on 19th of March Dronfield/Great Britain and at the school we met the guest families for this week. On the first day we met in the Assembly hall of the Henry Fanshawe School to get to know each other better. The British teacher organized some funny games, for example we should sort ourselves in a row without speaking. In the afternoon we listened to the presentations of French Guiane, Malaga and Sindelfingen and we measured the circumference of the earth.

On Thursday morning we went to the nature reserve called Washlands. Formerly it was the area of a coking factory and 2005 they renatured the ground. Nowadays you can find a lot of wildlife, birds, ponts and grassland. After the walk in the nature we travelled to a bowling center for playing in international mixed groups. Later we arrived at the bee farm “Medibee” of Gloria Havenhand. Gloria produces antibacterial honey and Prof. Milton Wainwright from the University of Sheffield explained how this works and about his studies “life on earth comes from outer space”.

Blogs during the meeting:

Real nature in peak district

On our last day in Great Britain we visited the “dark peak” and started a walk in the morning. The “dark peak” is a part of the peak district and named by the dark Millstone Grit in contrast to the “white peak” which is covered with limestone.

Bee hotels

Day 4 also started at school in the technique room. We finished our bee hotels and bird boxes and in the afternoon we had social time with our guest families.

Day 3 in Dronfield

On Thursday we got together in the technique department of the school and the teachers explained the following tasks. We had the choice to make bird boxes or bee hotels. We had also time to finish the products on Saturday. Next we went to the Climbing hall in Sheffield. Here we were instructed how to…

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