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Our vision of an unexpectedly solution of the environmental problems

We created videos in a stopmotion-program. Our goal was to invent a - maybe crazy - solution to one problem we have to solve in real life. The students had a lot of fun to work in a very creativ way. For example: Using recources For example: Plastic-Pollution For example: Noise-Pollution… Weiterlesen Our vision of an unexpectedly solution of the environmental problems

Deutsche Schule Barcelona, general, Goldberg-Gymnasium Sindelfingen, Henry Fanshawe School Dronfield, La Rosaleda Malaga, Lycée Gaston Monnerville Kourou

Online Game

All trans-national activities were completed up to the start of the pandemic in February 2020. To address the difficulty of completing the final trans-national event planned for March 2020 we organised a virtual event in April 2021. This event involved all participating schools. For this event we used the board game that we had devised… Weiterlesen Online Game

general, Goldberg-Gymnasium Sindelfingen

Building bee hotels and bee fields

Mr. Geroschus' technical course built bee hotels and a meadow for wild bees during the school year. Each group had a species of wild bees that they dealt with in more detail, e.g. mason bees (Osmia cornuta), sand bees (Andrena flavipes), scissor bees (Chelostoma campanularum), bumblebees (Bombus magnus), etc. First, all students dealt with the… Weiterlesen Building bee hotels and bee fields

general, Goldberg-Gymnasium Sindelfingen

BACK to NATURE meets Steisslinger

In cooperation with the "Städtische Galerie Böblingen" and with Ms. Steimel there has been several meetings with the class 8b/c of the GGS. Ms. Steimel introduced the students in the work of Fritz Steisslinger. He was an artist of landscape and still lifes from Böblingen. Inspired by Fritz Steisslinger the students did there own drawings sponsored by the "Böblinger Galerieverein". Then they showed there works in the gallery.