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You are on a excursion of the Erasmus project and suddenly you are alone with some friends in the forest. All you have left with you is a lonely candy bar, an apple and a cell phone. A cell phone as a last resort from the depths of the unfathomable German wilderness.

Well, well, actually you just chill in the auditorium and play a mini-scene on the subject of “Back to nature” that you improvised in a theater workshop. Since this morning at 8:30 am, the workshop leaders Maria Winter and Anke Marx from the “Staatstheater Stuttgart” have been sniffing the euphoric air of our auditorium. There was more time for the solo performances and group scenes that were the aim of the workshop. This resulted in both German and English-language results from poetry slams and poems to letters, speeches and mindmaps to drawings and monologues. Some of these solo performances can also be found on the Digital Open Stage of the Staatstheater Stuttgart. (

The group scenes generally revolved around different perceptions of nature. For example, there was the classic family scene in the forest. Children dragged into the wilderness by their parents for picnics. But also a staging with an abstract personification of our mother nature. In every staging there is a fraction of individual truth about how, when, where, why and whether we have to return to nature. To this day, a few questions still reverberate in our heads: Are we really all just spoiled big city kids who can’t stand for a second in nature? How much would we have to limit our current consumption to save the world? And is it even worth it to us? Have we as mankind perhaps irreversibly far removed from nature?

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