Henry Fanshawe School Dronfield


Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School is a mixed comprehensive school with Technology College Status. We have well established links with schools in Baden-Württemberg – an annual school exchange for the last 17 years and multi-lateral Comenius projects for the last 8 years with schools in Germany, Spain and France. The school holds full International School Status awarded by the British Council. This is evidence of our commitment to promoting a global dimension in our school curriculum. There are 1825 students in the school including a growing population of children of migrant workers from within the EU. We host teachers and students from many countries around the world each year (this year alone we have hosted guests from Russia, Spain, Austria, France, Bangladesh, Germany, Australia, Switzerland) and arrange activities for our own students to travel around Europe on school visits (this year we shall arrange many visits to countries including Germany, France, Spain, Slovenia, French Guiana).

Contact persons:
Howard Horsfall
Ruth Gowers


Online Game

All trans-national activities were completed up to the start of the pandemic in February 2020. To address the difficulty of completing the final trans-national event planned for March 2020 we organised a virtual event in April 2021. This event involved all participating schools. For this event we used the board game that we had devised…

Real nature in peak district

On our last day in Great Britain we visited the “dark peak” and started a walk in the morning. The “dark peak” is a part of the peak district and named by the dark Millstone Grit in contrast to the “white peak” which is covered with limestone.

Bee hotels

Day 4 also started at school in the technique room. We finished our bee hotels and bird boxes and in the afternoon we had social time with our guest families.

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