Goldberg-Gymnasium Sindelfingen


The Goldberg-Gymnasium is a secondary school near the Daimler factory in Sindelfingen. Established in 1929 the school is rooted in an old latin school (first mention in 1395) Therefore the Goldberg-Gymnasium is the oldest school in Sindelfingen and Böblingen.
The students of the Goldberg-Gymnasium have divers prospects to plan their school career individually. They can choose Latin or English for their first language and from the 8th grade on they can pick French, NWT (Science) or Art. The Goldberg-Gymnasium is known for his huge number of projects in addition to the normal education, for example MUNOG, “Schüleringenieurakademie” (Engineers club), Erasmus-projects, Exchanges with France, England and Poland etc.


Also this project encourages our general orientation “Schule fürs Leben” (“School for Life”) and will support our students for their future. We want to offer our students an eye beyond their own noses additional to the normal lessons at school. Also it´s very important to give them ideas for the career choice.

Contact persons:
Christian Geroschus
Nicole Püpcke


A walk in the forest

On July 23, we were able to experience the deer park of the Botnang Forestry Office, a district of Stuttgart, with a few Erasmus students from the Goldberg Gymnasium. In the “green classroom”, a spider-like wooden construction, forester Ralph Noack told us about the special features of the Botnang Forest and its ducal history. On… Weiterlesen A walk in the forest

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