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Building bee hotels and bee fields

Mr. Geroschus’ technical course built bee hotels and a meadow for wild bees during the school year. Each group had a species of wild bees that they dealt with in more detail, e.g. mason bees (Osmia cornuta), sand bees (Andrena flavipes), scissor bees (Chelostoma campanularum), bumblebees (Bombus magnus), etc.

First, all students dealt with the way of life, nutrition, nesting methods, etc. Then everyone should think about the species of bees like a bee hotel must look and the students began to plan. Supported by Ms. Holmgeirsson from the Naturschutzbund (Nabu), the students learned a lot about wild bees and built the insect hotels.
After a while, various nesting boxes were created, which were set up on the school ground. A meadow for wild bees has been created so that the bees have enough food. The seeds were ordered from “Syringa Pflanzen“. Here you can find seeds for e.g. Anthemis arvensis, Campanula rapunculus, Calendula arvensis and much more.

After some time, the wild bee population was observed and documented. The wild bees with which the students were concerned at the beginning could be recognized relatively quickly.

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