Deutsche Schule Barcelona, general, Goldberg-Gymnasium Sindelfingen, Henry Fanshawe School Dronfield, La Rosaleda Malaga, Lycée Gaston Monnerville Kourou

Online Game

All trans-national activities were completed up to the start of the pandemic in February 2020. To address the difficulty of completing the final trans-national event planned for March 2020 we organised a virtual event in April 2021. This event involved all participating schools. For this event we used the board game that we had devised… Weiterlesen Online Game

general, Henry Fanshawe School Dronfield, Meeting Dronfield 2019

Washlands and bee farm

Today we started the day with a trip tothe Avenue Washland Nature Reserve. The wetland Reserve was created in 2005 and before this the place was an old coal factory It was recultivated and is now a wonderful habitat of a great variety of wildlife. Here you can find animals like wigeons, yellowhammer and more.… Weiterlesen Washlands and bee farm

general, Henry Fanshawe School Dronfield, Meeting Dronfield 2019

First Day in Dronfield

So everyone arrived in Dronfield on Monday March 19th and started the project meeting on Wednesday. At the DFHS the students from French Guiana presented their experiments about the degradability of plastics, reforestation of the rain forest near Kourou and the network connection in the city or Kourou. We could taste some very delicious fruits… Weiterlesen First Day in Dronfield