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Washlands and bee farm

Today we started the day with a trip tothe Avenue Washland Nature Reserve. The wetland Reserve was created in 2005 and before this the place was an old coal factory It was recultivated and is now a wonderful habitat of a great variety of wildlife. Here you can find animals like wigeons, yellowhammer and more.

After the walk we all went to the Bowling Center to have a competition in mixed groups and to know each other better.

The bee farm “MediBee” of Gloria Havenhand was our next stop. Here we heard about the antibacterial honey of MediBee and how they produce it. Prof. Milton Wainwright explained the medical effect and additionally his theory about life coming from space. We tasted a little bit of propolis and had a look in a beehive. It was very interesting. Thank you for inviting us!


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